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Former President Donald Trump surrenders to authorities in Georgia for a mugshot and arrest on 13 criminal charges.... By, Ohio's Black digital news leader

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-  Former president Donald Trump (pictured)  surrendered in Atlanta, Georgia Thursday evening relative to 13 charges issued Aug 14 against him and 18 affiliates by a grand jury in Fulton County District Attorney Fanie Willis' investigation into 2020 election interference.

The president then headed to the airport to board a plane to fly back to New jersey At court he was required to take a mugshot and was booked, finger- printed and then released. His high-priced attorneys had previously arranged a $200,000 bond in an unprecedented criminal case that Trump has called "a travesty of justice."

He is the first former president to face a mugshot and criminal charges.He branded this latest indictment, a widespread 14-count indictment, another witch hunt to try to derail his candidacy for president as campaign donations continue to pile up after each indictment.This latest indictment marks the fourth time the former president has been indicted since last year announcing that he is making a third bid for the presidency, and in 2024 in a crowded field of GOP wannabees. The 18 co-defendants, charged collectively with 41 felony counts all together, include former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, also the former mayor of New York City, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Jeffrey Clark. Read the full 97-page indictment here.

Giuliani, charged with 13 counts, said in a statement that the indictments are an attempt to silence free speech and are "an affront to Democracy." He and and nearly all of the other co-defendants have surrendered and are out on bail pending trial.

The former president, still a big wig with the Republican Party and his political base, was also charged in Florida with illegally hoarding classified files at his estate there, Mar-a-Lago, and refusing to hand them back when asked, among other charges.


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