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Cuyahoga County is denying indigent Blacks appointed counsel in collusion with Judge Nancy Fuerst and anti-Black chief county public defender Cullen Sweeney...By, Ohio's Black digital news leader

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Cullen Sweeney (pictured)

Staff article- investigative article





Staff article: investigative article Part 5

CLEVELAND, Ohio- The Cuyahoga County public defender's office, via chief county public defender Cullen Sweeney, is conspiring with Common Pleas Judge Nancy A. Fuerst, a former administrative and presiding judge of the 34-member, largely White general division common pleas bench in the county, to deny indigent Blacks counsel after she issues illegal warrants to jail them in the county jail where more than 20 inmates have died since 2018. And County Council is supporting Fuerst and Sweeney, saying that Fuerst has the sole responsibility to appoint counsel, not the county, which is also illegal and unconstitutional.

"We sent an attorney to talk to Judge Fuerst and the judge said she will appoint counsel after the person is jailed," said Chief Public defender Cullen Sweeney, a judicial wannabe who ran unsuccessfully for common pleas judge in 2012.

Activists say the people she jails are harassed in jail and threatened with shanks and want to know how many of the dead inmates had cases before the judge.

Asked his position on indigent counsel when the judge's warrants are illegal, Sweeney said indigent Blacks have no right to indigent counsel even if the warrants are illegal, and that they should report to the county jail and then hope the judge will do right by them.

" They either report to jail or the warrants will remain," he said in an angry, seemingly racist tone, adding that he too believes that Blacks should be jailed and denied indigent counsel if judges like Fuerst, 72 and White, deem it necessary.

But prior to an attorney from his office speaking privately and ex parte with the crooked and racist judge his position was that Blacks have a legal right to indigent counsel against Fuerst and that her warrants and her refusal to jounalize when Blacks appear for trial and her acts of faking future trial dates and issuing warrants when Blacks fail to appear are all illegal.

The sudden switch, says activists, merits a criminal complaint against Sweeney, who is White, and is indicative of public corruption and racism, and his office conspiring with White common pleas judges to deny poor Blacks indigent counsel.

Simply put, Sweeney's racist standpoint is that he wants Black people caged in the county jail no matter what, which is proof, say activists, that he dislikes Blacks and is corrupt and unfit as chief public defender, and that he should be replaced.

Research reveals that public corruption and racism are rampant and designed to help the prosecution win and to deny Black defendants a speedy and  fair trial,  which violates the sixth amendment of the U.S. Constitution as to the mandate for a fair trial to all defendants facing the state as an adversary in cases that can result in a denial of liberty rights.

Corrupt White assistant prosecutors say nothing and are glad when Judge Fuerst issues her now infamous warrants against Black defendants in an effort to get around speedy trial rights, and when she tampers with records, which is a felony crime under Ohio law.

According to previous investigations as to our ongoing series on county public corruption and racism here at and, Ohio's Black digital news leader. Fuerst is also refusing to jounalize when Blacks appear for trial and cops accusing them of crimes fail to show. She then  issues illegal warrants for future fake  trial dates not documented or journalized and issued without notice. All of it, say sources, is tampering with records and falsification to get around the right to a a speedy trial and to get illegal convictions against Black people

Indigent Blacks have a legal right to counsel under state law and  a constitutional right under the Ohio and U. S. Constitutions.

Activists say that because Sweeney and the public defender's office are conspiring with Judge Fuerst to deny Black people indigent counsel he will be added to the citizen's criminal complaint filed against Fuerst seeking criminal charges for interfering with the Civil Rights of Black people, a crime under Ohio law.

The crooked judge purportedly told the public defender's office that sought the lifting of the illegal warrants that she wants Blacks impacted by her warrants jailed and that thereafter she will bring them to court without counsel for one of her biased hearings.

But Black victims of her judicial scams say they are afraid to appear before her without counsel and that she is out of control  and obsessed with getting Blacks she does not like jailed for racist prosecutors and cops who are targeting them, and to perpetuate the ongoing racism and county public corruption that plague the county's common pleas court.

This is a continuing investigation of Cuyahoga County government corruption and racism against Blacks in the county


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