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Women's March Cleveland comments after the US Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the abortion pill (mifepristone)...By Clevelandurbannews.com, Ohio's' Black digital news leader

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Picture:Women's March Cleveland at one of its reproductive rights marches in Cleveland, led by Black women. Photo by Cleveland Plain Dealer/Cleveland.com Photojournalist David Petkiewicz

Clevelandurbannews.com and Kathywraycolemanonlinenewsblog.com

Staff article

WASHINGTON, D.C.-The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral arguments in a case that reached the country's highest court that could end the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) longtime approval of mifepristone, the nation's most widely used abortion bill.

Primarily at issue is whether the FDA's two-decades long approval of the pill is safe with justices seemingly skeptical of such assertion during Tuesday's proceedings in Washington, D.C., pundits said afterwards. And whether the justices can step in for federal agencies to determine the safety of the pill is at issue too, lawyers for proponents of the pill argued to the nine-member, 6-3 conservative-leaning court comprised of three former President Donald Trump appointees.

The justices focused on whether the group of anti-abortion doctors who brought the lawsuit even had legal standing to bring the claim, with the  plaintiffs represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom arguing that the FDA failed to adequately evaluate the drug’s alleged safety risks.

Whether the doctors could show that they were directly injured merely because they object to abortion also raised skepticism among the justices.

The case is being watched nationwide, particularly by women's rights activists in key states.

Abortion rights groups in Ohio where voters enshrined the legal right to abortion and other reproductive measures into the Ohio Constitution via the passage of an Issue 1 referendum at the ballot box  last November say they are fed up and intend to further voice their displeasure at the ballot box this November.

"After this same anti-female U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June of 2022 and handed authority over the issue to the states, women won at the ballot box on Issue 1 in Ohio only to continue to face continual attacks on our constitutional right to abortion access at the state and national levels by the GOP," said Women's March Cleveland head organizer Kathy Wray Coleman, a seasoned Black Cleveland activist, organizer and local journalist. "Northeast Ohio women and women across this land must rise up before the November presidential election and take to the streets to protest the attack on choice and our reproductive freedoms in general."

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