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Happy New Year 2024!!!!: Our top 10 articles of 2023 here at, Ohio's Black digital news leader

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CLEVELAND, Ohio- and offer a look at our top 10 stories of 2023 as the 2024 new year begins. They are as follows: (Click on the following articles title to read each article)

  1. Ohio voters approve Issues 1 and 2, making abortion and recreational marijuana legal....Women's March Cleveland comments

  2. Women's March Cleveland calls felony charge against Black Warren, Ohio woman who miscarried racist and wants it dismissed....Activists say she is also being mistreated because Ohio women won the legal right to abortion at the ballot box

  3. Hakeem Jeffries makes history as first Black U.S. House Minority Leader and the first Black to lead a political party in Congress....All four of Ohio's Democratic U.S. House of Representatives members supported him

  4. Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder gets huge sentence for $60 million GOP bribery scheme

  5. Cuyahoga County Public Defender Cullen Sweeney is conspiring with Judge Fuerst to deny Blacks indigent counsel and get illegal warrants to jail them saying he wants Backs jailed before they get indigent counsel....Activists want criminal charges

  6. Judge Nancy Fuerst still under fire for denying indigent Blacks counsel, violating their Civil Rights, covering up fixed indictments, and tampering with records....Black Cleveland activists are prepared to file a citizen's criminal complaint against her

  7. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Mike O'Malley says indigent Blacks have a right to appointed counsel as activists call for criminal charges against Judge Nancy Fuerst for denying Blacks indigent counsel, covering-up fixed indictments, etc

  8. Former President Donald Trump, 18 others indicted in Georgia election probe, a 4th indictment for Trump since he announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election....

  9. Suburban White cops in Cuyahoga County are being shielded from testifying at trial against Blacks they get indicted with prosecutors seeking remote testimony after they flee the state upon getting subpoenaed....One cop fled to Florida

  10. Colorado Supreme Court rules Trump off the state primary ballot via an unprecedented ruling__________________________


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