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Kevin Love brings his special talent to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team following last month's trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Love joins LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, others for a possible 2015 NBA title

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Pictured are Cleveland Urban News.Com Sportswriter Karl Kimbrough (in maroon sweatsuit), Cavaliers ballplayer LeBron James (in headband), Cavaliers General Manager Kevin Griffin (in grey suit with eye glasses), and Cavaliers ballplayer Kevin Love (in black suit with maroon tie)


By Karl Kimbrough, Cleveland Urban News.Com Sportswriter ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Leaders In Black Digital News . Tel: 216-659-0473

CLEVELAND, Ohio-Former Minnesota Timberwolves ballplayer Kevin Love is now a Cleveland Cavalier, effective August 23, 2014, and Andrew Wiggins, a first round Cavaliers 2014 draft pick, has been simultaneously traded to the Timberwolves in what many are calling the NBA'S most anticipated trade of the year. Now that Love has joined LeBron James, who returned this year to the Cavaliers as a free agent after four years and two national championship titles with the Miami Heat, and given other team talent like Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao, Cavaliers fans are hoping for a 2015 NBA title.

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Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Wilson Headen interviews with Cleveland Urban News.Com, fights for the city she loves, says upcoming recall election is political and not racially motivated, says city council wants to usurp her mayoral authority

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog
Kathy Wray Coleman is  a community activist and 20 year investigative journalist who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper. ( / (

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio-Richmond Heights, Ohio Mayor Miesha Wilson Headen spoke with Cleveland Urban News.Com in a one-on-one extensive interview.

Headen has all the trappings of success, a college education that includes an MBA from the prestigious Columbia University in New York City, experience as a former auditor in private practice, an immediate family with a husband and two young children, and a legacy as the city's first Black female mayor. Still, she faces a recall election on Tuesday, September 23 after petitions were circulated at the behest of a few disgruntled residents and some city council members, including Council President David Roche, a Republican.

"Voters should vote yes in September to retain me,"  Headen told Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's most read digital Black newspaper.

The city of Richmond Heights has a population of some 10,000 people, a median income of $45,000, and is nearly half Black and half White.

A Democrat, Headen, 42, and then a city council member, defeated 24-year mayor Daniel Ursu in a close non-partisan race in December, 2013. David Ali came in third in the race, and Eloise Henry, one of two Blacks on the eight-member city council, finished fourth. The other Black on the lawmaking city council is Headen ally Elaine Williams.

The attractive and controversial mayor said that she is wholeheartedly fighting recall for the betterment of a city that she dearly loves.

Currently the only Black female mayor in Cuyahoga County, Headen said that her accomplishments in her nine month tenure thus far as mayor include a bond rating upgrade to AA status, a new building commissioner and economic development director, and commercial renovation projects such as the Hilltop Plaza.

Also, said Headen, she has spearheaded efforts in cleaning up abandoned businesses, has enhanced environmental resources, and has initiated strategies to rid City Hall of corruption and the rift-raft that it brings, the latter, she says, of which has been met with opposition from city council, one that frequently finds her difficult as she assertively pushes for systemic changes in city government.

Headen insists that the upcoming recall election is not racially motivated. She says instead that city council wants to usurp the authority of the mayor and wants a patsy for the job like it had in Ursu, the mayor before her, and will likely get in Roche, who, as council president, would by charter become mayor if she is recalled. Both Roche and Ursu are White, though Headen still says that race is not the relevant factor in their attempts to take her $30,000 a-year job.

Simply put, Mayor Headen says the special recall election, at a cost of about $23,000 to taxpayers and nearly a week away, is a frivolous and disingenuous effort to disregard the voters will on whom they elected as mayor last year, and that voters chose her over Ursu and others at the ballot box. And she said that she has broken no laws.

"This is not about race, and we do not need any race baiting," Headen said, though she did not completely rule out the fact that her sex, female, coupled with her attempts to rid the city of the good ole boys network, may also play a role.

Opponents say that Headen should not have sought health care insurance from city council, and that she came in firing people, some 10 people in fact, including former law director R. Todd Hunt, the finance director, and city prosecutor Jonathan Greenberg.

Some four other City Hall workers quit.

Headen says that city council, and what she says is unfair and prejudicial news coverage by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper, help to drive those that quit off the job.

Headen supporters say that she is ambitious, well-educated, competent, strong, and committed to making life in the city of Richmond Heights better for its residents, and that it is a mayor's purview to choose his or her administrative leadership team, maybe.

Some neighboring cities like Cleveland, by charter, give the mayor, independent of city council, authority to appoint members of his or her cabinet, and other key city positions, including the law director, chief of police and chief city prosecutor. But in Richmond Heights, city council, by charter, must approve such hiring recommendations.  It cannot though, arbitrarily block the mayor's recommendations, which is at the center of the conflict as Headen fired Hunt as law director, and Greenberg as city prosecutor, both of whom are attorneys with the powerful law firm of Walter Haverfield. City Council fought back by blocking her recommendations for replacements for Greenberg, Hunt, and some others, and is on a mission, said Headen, to continue its reign over the city in a dictatorial fashion, and in violation of the city charter.

Hunt had been law director since 1995.

Walter Haverfield has few if any Black attorneys, a Cleveland Urban News.Com investigation reveals, and those that are general counsel, law director or city prosecutor in Richmond Heights and many other greater Cleveland municipalities are influential high-paid White men. And they have traditionally gotten away with doing as they please, data show.

City Council refused to approve Headen's recommendations for a law director to replace Hunt, and then hired Walter Haverfield as its special counsel. For that Headen, on behalf of the city, filed suit saying she, as mayor,  has authority to choose the law director and other key administrative positions, and that certainly city council lacks authority to fill those positions independent of the mayor.

Walter Haverfield, says Headen, wants to run the city too.

"The law firm of Walter Haverfield represents most of the cities of Cuyahoga County," said Headen.

Cuyahoga County, Ohio's largest of 88 counties statewide, contains 59 municipalities, villages and townships. It is a Democratic stronghold and is 29 percent Black, U.S. census reports reveal.

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2014 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure of breast cancer is Saturday, September 13 in downtown Cleveland, African-American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than any other race of women, data show

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Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog,

Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog ( / (

CLEVELAND, Ohio- The annual northeast Ohio Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure [for breast cancer] will begin and end in downtown Cleveland on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the corner of East Ninth Street and Lakeside Avenue at Malls B and C. A survivor ceremony will be held at 8:00 am, followed by a five mile walk at 9:15 am, a one mile walk at 9:30 am, and a kids dash at 10:30 am.

Not counting some forms of skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among  women across racial lines,  and the second leading cause of death in women, second only to lung cancer, data show.

Overall, African-American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than any other race of women, statistics show.

Last Updated on Saturday, 13 September 2014 18:34

Bedford Judge Harry Jacob found guilty of crimes in office, including solicitation, falsification of court records, community activists women join Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty in calling for long jail time, activists women want him disbarred

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Pictured are suspended and convicted Bedford Municipal Court Judge Harry Jacob (in light blue shirt), Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Brian Corrigan (in judicial robe), and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty  (in red-colored polkadotted tie)

By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief,

Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland

Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper

and Newspaper Blog

Kathy Wray Coleman is  a community activist and 20 year investigative journalist

who trained for 17 years at the Call and Post Newspaper.

( / (

CLEVELAND,  Ohio- Greater Cleveland community activists women are joining Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty in calling for jail time for a suspended pimp-type Bedford Municipal Court judge who last week was found guilty of crimes in office, five misdemeanors in fact, including solicitation and falsification.

The unprecedented convictions came following a four-week trial before Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Brian Corrigan, who got mixed reviews for his decision to throw out all of the felony charges against Judge Harry Jacob, and several other misdemeanor charges, some saying that Corrigan was fair, and others saying he fixed aspects of the case to protect malfeasance by another White male judge.

Jacob is scheduled for sentencing on October 15, and it is unlikely that he will return to the bench, sources say. He faces a possible fine and up to 60 days on each of the three convictions of solicitation, third degree misdemeanors, and up to a year for the two convictions of falsification of public court records, a theft offense that carries up to six months in jail.

"He also did more than violate the public's trust, he raped it," said  McGinty of Jacob in a statement after the verdict. "He disgraced this city and demeaned the judiciary of this state. He deserves a stay in jail, a very long one."

McGinty also called Jacob a pimp and said that when he patronized the nearby brothel, that "the pimp and his employees naturally felt protected."

Greater Cleveland community activists agree with McGinty, a rare posture from activists that often find him overzealous and pro-police to the detriment of the Black community.

"He [Jacob] needs to be  jailed and should have been jailed a long time ago,'"said Community activist Ada Averyhart, 80, who spoke on the issue on behalf of  greater Cleveland grassroots groups the Imperial Women Coalition and the Carl Stokes Brigade. "We also want him disbarred."

Jacob, 56 and a Republican, and currently suspended from the bench but still drawing his $114,000 annual tax payer salary,  was charged in a 27-count indictment last year with a host of crimes, including felony counts of bribery, obstruction of justice, and possessing criminal tools, and misdemeanor charges of solicitation, promoting prostitution and falsification of municipal court records

Corrigan, however, threw out many of the more serious charges, including each and every felony, including bribery, obstruction of justice and possession of criminal tools, a possible favor, sources say, to a fellow judge of greater Cleveland that McGinty claims was able to erase evidence from his computer before a warrant was served, among other strategies to allegedly obstruct justice.

Corrigan instead found Jacob guilty of three misdemeanor charges of solicitation and two charges of manipulation of court records, the latter of which are serious and reveal a betrayal of the public's trust, prosecutors and community activists say. How many court records he got away with falsifying without any charges filed is also at issue, community activists say. They say that the integrity of the entire Bedford Municipal Court, which hears traffic cases, misdemeanors and civil lawsuits with damages so at or below $15,000, has been compromised and that Jacob's crimes are merely a symptom of a larger problem.

Jacob, of Solon, Ohio, was accused of manipulating , poor, drug addicted women, some of them minorities , and paying some of them in excess of $275 each whip for sex.

His lawyers told the trial court  judge that while their disgraced client did solicit sex, he did not use his influence on the bench to perpetuate his own sexual addiction, something McGinty said is an outright lie.

"He did more than sleep with prostitutes and do favors for them at court, he took advantage of poor young drug-addicted women, at least one of whom had been molested as a child," said McGinty.

The city of Bedford is a suburb of Cleveland and has a population of some 13,000 people, and is roughly 44 percent Black.

The Bedford court handles cases from 14 different diverse locations including Bedford itself, neighboring Bedford Heights, and Chagrin Falls, Bentleyville, Chagrin Township, Cleveland Metro Parks, Glen Willow, Highland Hills, Moreland Hills, North Randall, Oakwood Village, Orange, Solon and Warrensville Heights. They are all among the 59 municipalities, villages and townships of Cuyahoga County, Ohio's largest of 88 counties, and of which is roughly 29 percent Black.

Jacob, say his foes, is so flagrantly disrespectful of the law that anything that goes on in the Bedford Municipal Court, particularly where Blacks are concerned, is suspect, and wreaks of a prejudicial and hostile judicial environment detrimental to the community and to the administration of justice.

The suspended piece of a judge awaits disciplinary proceedings before the seven-member predominantly Republican and all White Ohio Supreme Court, which is led by Republican Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, and has gained a reputation in some political and legal circles of being unfair to Black and female judges and lawyers facing discipline and traditionally lenient on similarly situated White male judges and lawyers.

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Judge O'Donnell, who is hearing the manslaughter case of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo, on trial for gunning down two unarmed Blacks, is corrupt and a friend of the county prosecutor, O'Donnell, other judges stole homes via illegal foreclosures

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lPictured are Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge John O'Donnell (in red tie), and Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo, who is facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter for gunning down two unarmed Blacks slinging 49 bullets. O'Donnell is presiding over the Brelo case and has a history of public corruption on the bench,  including the theft of homes in Cuyahoga County via illegal foreclosures with help from the office of the county sheriff and JPMorgan Chase Bank attorneys of the law firms of Bricker and Eckler and Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss. Community activists want O'Donnell and other involved in the theft and mortgage fraud indicted on criminal charges by a county grand jury. O'Donnell has allegedly bragged that because he is White, male and a prominent judge he can do as he pleases to Blacks and others in violation of the law, and without any repercussions.


Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog.( / (

CLEVELAND, Ohio- The judge that will hear the case of indicted Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo, who faces two counts of involuntary manslaughter after  gunning down unarmed Blacks Malissa Williams and Tim Russell with 49 bullets following a car chase in 2012 that began in downtown Cleveland and ended in neighboring East Cleveland,  is a friend of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty and stole homes via illegal foreclosures for his friends,  corrupt elected officials and others,  a Cleveland Urban News.Com comprehensive investigation reveals.

Brelo has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge John O'Donnell, a White Democrat  who served with Democratic county prosecutor Tim McGinty, a judge on that bench for 19 years before he resigned to run for county prosecutor in 2011, is on the take, an  investigation reveals.

Whether he will be fair in the Brelo case given his history of public corruption remains to be seen.

O'Donnell has allegedly bragged that because he is White, male and a prominent county judge, he can do as he pleases and violate the law without any repercussions. He is among a plethora of  judges of the largely White 34-member Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, now led by Presiding and Administrative Judge John Russo, that are stealing homes, data show.

Data show that O'Donnell has stolen homes from Cuyahoga County homeowners with the help of a corrupt county sheriff's office, banks and mortgage companies, including JPMorgan Chase Bank, and Chase's attorneys from the law firms of Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss and Bricker and Eckler. Also on board with the corruption is University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld, also safety director for the predominantly White city, and her since fired law director Ken Fisher, also a high paid foreclosure appraiser and former general counsel for the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.  (Editor's note: Under state law the sheriff's office, through appraisers employed by the county,  appraises foreclose homes for sheriff's sales but must appraise them like any other residential homes and the discount at the sheriff's sale is a third off. The Cuyahoga County sheriff's office is appraising the homes below value in violation of state law and is, in essence, stealing the homes for their friends, political affiliates and others who buy them for cheap).

Fisher  was general counsel for the county Democratic party under Jimmy Dimora, who is now serving a 28-year federal prison sentence following a host of corruption related convictions, including racketeering.

According to public records,  in spite of the fact that common pleas judge Carolyn Friedland dismissed a foreclosure lawsuit  in 2011 filed by Chase against a Black family in University Heights, O'Donnell picked up an old case with a non existent mortgage company and tried to steal the home valued at $130,000 for $36,000 for Chase without Chase even filing suit. The action is illegal where the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals, in Wells Fargo vs. Jordan, and the Ohio Supreme Court,  in the case of Home Federal Loans vs Schartzwald, have made it clear that only the current mortgage holder can seek to take a home via foreclosure.

O'Donnell used since fired county sheriff Bob Reid, a Democrat who was appointed by Democratic Cuyahoga County Executive Fitzgerald, also the Democratic nominee for governor, to have Fisher, who doubled as a county appraiser who appraised foreclosed homes for the county sheriff's office  for sheriff's sales, deflate the value of the home, which violates state law.

O'Donnell, data show, has also stole other homes in Cuyahoga County, and with help from Cuyahoga County Chief Foreclosure Magistrate Stephen  Bucha, the office of the county sheriff, Bricker and Eckler attorneys, and Bucha's wife, an attorney for the Cleveland based office of Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss.

Bucha presided over the Black families' case in University Heights and his wife' law firm represented Chase. And it was allegedly pillow talk with his Lerner, Sampson and Rothfuss wife that  got Bucha, through O'Donnell and the sheriff's office, to deflate the value down so low that Chase could try to steal it for  $36,000. But since Friedland dismissed the case in 2011 that theft is null and void under the law, though the Black family told Cleveland Urban New.Com they are getting harassed by police and others for fighting for their home, including Mayor Infeld, who was elected in 2010 and  allegedly does not want Blacks in her middle to upper middle class neighborhood of University Heights anymore. Money left from the sale of a foreclosed home would typically be returned to the former homeowner, but not if the sheriff's office illegally deflates it's value to where none is left.   (Editor's note: Under state law the sheriff's office, through appraisers employed by the county,  appraises foreclose homes for sheriff's sales but must appraise them like any other residential homes and the discount at the sheriff's sale is a third off. The Cuyahoga County sheriff's office is appraising the homes below value in violation of state law and is, in essence, stealing the homes for their friends, political affiliates and others who buy them for cheap).

Both Bucha and his corrupt wife reside in University Heights, a Cleveland suburb that is roughly 18 percent Black.

Many of the stolen homes are sold to friends of the county Democratic party, the judges, sheriff office affiliates, former and current Cleveland NAACP officials, and even some Republicans, all for cheap.And the theft is undertaken to the detriment of the community, the Black community in particular.

Community activists want all of the aforementioned indicted  by a county grand jury on theft and other charges, and for FitzGerald to speak out.

Nailah Byrd, the county inspector general who is Black and was appointed by FitzGerald, is covering up the fraud, the investigation further reveals.

"Community activists call for immediate indictments against all of these educated thugs and elected and other officials involved in this alleged theft and fraud," said Kathy Wray Coleman, who leads the Cleveland-based  grassroots group  the Imperial Women Coalition."And we call on county executive and gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald to stand up on this issue or to resign as county executive."

The county sheriff is now Frank Bova, also a Democrat and a former Warrensville Heights, Ohio mayor involved in the gross theft of homes via illegal foreclosures, data show. He too was appointed by FitzGerald.

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Democratic candidate for Cuyahoga County executive Armond Budish celebrates opening of campaign office in Shaker Square to a packed house Budish says he supports women's issues,wants Planned Parenthood adequately funded

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By Kathy Wray Coleman, editor-in-chief, Cleveland Urban News. Com and The Cleveland Urban News.Com Blog, Ohio's Most Read Online Black Newspaper and Newspaper Blog Kathy Wray Coleman is  a community activist and 20 year investigative journalist ( and (

CLEVELAND, Ohio- Democratic candidate for Cuyhoga County executive Armond Budish(pictured), currently a state representative for the Ohio Eighth House District, joined, family, friends, fellow Democrats, Cleveland area Black clergy and other supporters to celebrate the grand opening of his chief campaign office at Shaker Square in Cleveland on Saturday afternoon.

"I feel energized, this is great," Budish told Cleveland Urban News.Com, Ohio's leading digital Black newspaper. "Democrats from all walks of life have come together."

Asked what he would do for women, Budish said that he will focus on women's health and that he wants Planned Parenthood adequately funded.

The event  drew a diverse crowd, and  was packed. Former Cuyahoga County commissioner Peter Lawson Jones was the emcee. He said that Budish is the best candidate for Cuyahoga County executive.

"He has the heart and mind to do what is needed and what is right for the citizens of Cuyahoga County," said Jones.

Other speakers include Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General David Pepper and Bishop Eugene Ward, pastor of Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland, and a member of the Mount Pleasant Ministerial Alliance and the United Pastors in Mission.

"Budish for jobs, Budish for Black people, Budish for White people, Budish for Cuyahoga County,"  said Ward, as he motivated the tentative audience.

Elected officials there include Cleveland Ward 6 Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell, East Cleveland School Board Member Dr. Patricia Blochowiak, and state Rep Sandra Williams (D-22), the Democratic candidate for state senator of the  22nd senate district of Ohio.

Other that attended were the Rev Tony Minor,  the Rev Dr. David Hunter, Rev Henry Gates, Rev Aaron Phillips, and the Rev Dr. E. Theophilus Caviness, senior pastor of Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church in Cleveland, executive director of the Cleveland Chapter Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and first vice president of the Cleveland NAACP.

Also there to support Budish were  Kenny Yuko, the Democratic candidate for state senator for Ohio senate district 25, Marcia McCoy, president of the Cleveland Chapter of the National Action Network, Obama for America supporters Pat Brown and Andre Saint Cyr, Ryan Miday, and Sherrie Miday, a Democratic candidate for a seat on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

Ada Averyhart, Rev Pamela Pinkney-Butts and Richard Perry, a retired Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper reporter, were among the handful of community activists that showed-up.

Budish faces Republican Jack Schron in November. Schon is a member of Cuyahoga County Council.

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11th Congressional District Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge, a Warrensville Heights Democrat who also chairs the Congressional Black Caucus of Blacks in Congress. waives to the crowd last year at the annual 11th Congressional District Caucus Parade.  This year's parade kicks off on Monday, September 2 on Cleveland's east side at 10:00 am from E. 149th Street and Kinsman Road and ends at Luke Easter Park where the picnic will begin. The event will be replete with political speeches and entertainment from various sources, including local musicians and bands. The well-attended caucus parade was initiated by Democrat Louis Stokes, the retired congressman before Fudge, and the tradition was furthered by the late Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Fudges' predecessor. Stokes was the first Black congressperson from Ohio and Tubbs Jones was the first Black congresswoman from Ohio